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Sharpening a Hoof Knife

Sharpening a Hoof Knife the First Time

Some hoof knives do not have the finish that more expensive knives do. With a few simple steps, one can bring a knife to a razor sharp cutting tool.

Sharpening a Hoof Knife the First Time Step 1

Step #1 Remove about 2/3 of the hook and make a nice rounded point. Caution when grinding - have water handy to cool the point a couple times. Getting the metal too hot will hurt the temper.

Sharpening a Hoof Knife the First Time Step 2

Step #2 Some new knives have blunt cutting edges. To make the knife the best it can be, file the metal away about 1/4" back on the blade to the cutting edge. This creates a long bevel.

Step #3 A cotton buffing wheel will put a mirror finish on the blade with a razor sharp edge. With repeated sharpening the bevel will eventually shorten and thicken. When this occurs, simply repeat the file and buffing process. Keep two or three knives buffed up and sharp. It will save a lot of wear and tear on your hands and wrist. Note: Buffing compound is necessary when sharpening a knife with a cotton buffing wheel.

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