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12" GE EZ Pull Off

The 12″ GE EZ Pull Off

Used to pull shoes and cut nails. Has a unique blade design, slides between and lifts the shoe with just a squeeze, eliminating the need to “wiggle” the blades under the shoe. This reduces hand and arm fatigue, while saving valuable time and energy. It’s also ideal for removing glued shoes without damaging the hoof.

Unique Angles Blades

The blades are angled in such a way that the cutting edges never touch the hoof or shoe, they slide between.

Inside Blade Cam

The cam rolls on the inside of the blades help to easily separate the shoe from the hoof.


The new “TR” rivet combines size with simplicity. It may look normal from the outside, but there is a slight “twist” that makes it better than the rest.
– Larger and sturdier
– Won’t become “too” loose over time
– Unique locking system prevents rivet movement and seizing
– 100% made at the G.E factory for better quality control