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GE 14" Race Track Hoof Nippers

GE 14" Race Track Hoof Nippers. Used for cutting hoofs.

GE 14″ Race Track Nipper

GE Forge & Tool’s Hoof Nippers combine durability with maximum wear resistance. The blades are aligned and sharpened by GE professionals, delivering a precision nip time after time.

The Race Track Nipper head is smaller in design with a finer cutting edge than a regular 14″ nipper. Farriers working on running and performance horses find this nipper works best.

The new “TR” rivet combines size with simplicity. It may look normal from the outside, but there is a slight “twist” that makes it better than the rest.
– Larger and sturdier
– Won’t become “too” loose over time
– Unique locking system prevents rivet movement and seizing
– 100% made at the G.E factory for better quality control