Hunter Elite Flat Clipped

Front pattern with steel wear insert is forged of lightweight aluminum. Designed for the sport horse, features include:

  • Wide web for support and protection
  • Full swedge
  • Wide, flat rims provide sure-footed traction on any surface
  • Rugged durability
  • Solid, flat heels can be drilled and tapped for studs
  • Sole pressure relief
Elite Flat - Side Clips


Item #DescriptionPrice - Qty BreakQuantity
0977#0 Flat w/Side Clips Elite Alum
1-9 $12.45/ea.       10+ $12.00/ea.
0977A#0.5 Flat Clipped Elite Alum
1-9 $12.45/ea.       10+ $12.00/ea.
0978#1 Flat w/side Clips Elite Alum
1-9 $12.50/ea.       10+ $12.05/ea.
0978A#1.5 Flat Clipped Elite Alum
1-9 $12.50/ea.       10+ $12.05/ea.
0979#2 Flat w/side Clips Elite Alum
1-9 $12.85/ea.       10+ $12.40/ea.