EDSS/Natural Balance

The Natural Balance Pad aids in the biomechanics of the foot by; supporting the frog buttress, stimulating proprioceptors, dissipating energy, promoting a heel-first landing, aligning the distal phalanges, improving circulation and promoting heel expansion. The durable, semi-transparent Urethane material has been formulated to provide the optimal equalibrium between flex and rigidity. There is a “crystal clear” window just ahead of the frog piece so that the shoe/pad unit can be more accurately place on the foot relative to the solar structures. There are specially located cutouts or voids in the frog piece that replicate the central sulcus and (less dense) midsection of the frog. These features allow the pad to flex and transfer support in a way that mimics the natural biomechanical function of the frog. The heel portion of the frog piece is relieved so that the heels of the shoe can be brought in for cases of contracted heels. The wall of the frog piece in the heel region is upright so that dirt can pack between the frog piece and the shoe to offer full caudal support. At the same time, as the you move forward on the frog piece, there is a gradual taper to allow the dirt to clean in the anterior part of the foot. The Natural Balance Pad can be used with or without Impression Material, depending on the quality of the frog and required application.

Indications for Use of the NB Pads

  • – Contracted Heels
  • – Weak, Narrow and/or Poor Quality Frog
  • – Horse has a Toe-First Landing
  • – Navicular Related Lameness Issues
  • – Caudal Heel Pain
  • – Other Minor Lameness Issues were Caudal Support & Elevation are required
  • – Negative Palmar/Plantar Coffin Bone Angles



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0820Natural Balance Regular Flat #00-1
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