Diamond Special Plain

The Diamond Special Plain has a rounder shape and slightly wider web than the Diamond Classic to give it a “fuller fit.” The precision nail hole pattern and easy hot or cold shaping makes this an ideal shoe for a variety of situations. The shoe is 1/4” thick. Shoes are symmetrical. Punched for City or Slim blade nails.


Item #DescriptionPrice - Qty BreakQuantity
0249A#000 Special PL Diamond 20pr
1-19 $3.95/ea.       20+ $3.75/ea.
0250#00 Special PL Diamond 20pr
1-19 $4.10/ea.       20+ $3.90/ea.
0252#0 Special PL Diamond 20pr
1-19 $4.25/ea.       20+ $4.05/ea.
0254#1 Special PL Diamond 10pr
1-9 $4.45/ea.       10+ $4.25/ea.
0256#2 Special PL Diamond 10pr
1-9 $4.70/ea.       10+ $4.50/ea.
0260#4 Special PL Diamond 10pr
1-9 $6.45/ea.       10+ $6.25/ea.
0261#5 Special PL Diamond 10pr
1-9 $8.95/ea.       10+ $8.75/ea.