Large Blacksmith Forges

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  • Exclusive, high efficiency burners
  • Push-button ignition
  • Uniform Heat … Reaches 2350º
  • Quick Recovery … heats and reheats metal very quickly
  • Flexible … rear bar stock door allows heating sections of bar stock. (Optional on some models.)
  • No Blower Required
  • Fuel of Choice … comes fitted for propane, but may be configured for natural gas
  • Transportable … light weight and quick cooling
  • Hose, gauge, and regulator included
  • Quality assured … we stand behind our products
NC Whisper Daddy Four Burner


Item #DescriptionPrice - Qty BreakQuantity
0117Whisper Daddy Four Burner Gas Forge
0119Whisper Daddy Four Burner w/open end ports Gas Forge
Out of Stock
0121NC Five Burner Tunnel Gas Forge
0123NC Six Burner Gas Forge (2 rows of 3)
0122NC Six Burner Tunnel Gas Forge
0127NC Six Burner C-Shape Gas Forge
0124NC Twelve Burner Gas Forge
0125NC Twelve Burner Tunnel Gas Forge
0134Reliner Kit/Whisper Daddy Model #4