The D-Lux horseshoes are Nordic’s evolution to provide farriers and hooves with a great smart alternative. The features of this shoe offer everything you could want and include: extra horseshoe nails holes positioned for versatility of horseshoe nail placement; a well defined seated out sole surface; and rolled toe to ease break-over and reduce hoof stress. Sizes 000 and 00 are punched for a Race Nail 4.5. This horseshoe was designed with farrier advice. Designed with burr free nail holes to avoid a back punch. Well defined creases, and easy to cold form.

Nordic D-Lux


Item #DescriptionPrice - Qty BreakQuantity
0437#000 Nordic Plain D-Lux
1-14 $4.50/ea.       15+ $4.30/ea.
0438#00 Nordic Plain D-Lux
1-14 $4.60/ea.       15+ $4.40/ea.
0439#0 Nordic Plain D-Lux
1-14 $4.85/ea.       15+ $4.65/ea.
0440#1 Nordic Plain D-Lux
1-14 $5.00/ea.       15+ $4.80/ea.
0441#2 Nordic Plain D-Lux
1-14 $5.30/ea.       15+ $5.10/ea.
0442#3 Nordic Plain D-Lux
1-14 $5.70/ea.       15+ $5.50/ea.