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15" GE EZ Nippers

15" GE EZ Nipper. GE Forge & Tool's Hoof Nippers combine durability with maximum wear resistance. The blades are aligned and sharpened by GE professionals, deliverling a precision nip time after time.

GE 15″ EZ Handle Nipper

The blades are aligned and sharpened by hand for accurate trimming and longer blade life. GE farrier tools are designed to be used by professionals, day-in and day-out, with maximum precision and minimum fatigue.

Ergonomic Handle

The EZ Nipper handles have a flat, oval shape which eliminates sharp edges. This design provides more comfort and reduces hand fatigue.

Increased Leverage

With slightly more leverage than the Classic Nippers, the EZ Nipper decreases the effort needed in the hoof trimming process.


The new “TR” rivet combines size with simplicity. It may look normal from the outside, but there is a slight “twist” that makes it better than the rest.
– Larger and sturdier
– Won’t become “too” loose over time
– Unique locking system prevents rivet movement and seizing
– 100% made at the G.E factory for better quality control